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Clustering for competitive advantage

"If you produce what the street is already wearing, you minimize fashion risk," notes José Luis Nueno, a marketing professor at IESE Business School in Barcelona.
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The man who dresses the world

Ortega El Pais English

"Inditex's business model has so far proved indestructible," says José Luis Nueno of the IESE business school, and author of one of the many case studies exploring the Galician company's success. He is currently preparing another, attempting to see where Inditex could be in five years' time, when it is expected to be turning...
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Spain Scraps Siesta As Stores Stay Open To Spur Spending: Retail

spain retail

With some stores getting as much as 50 percent of revenue from foreign tourists, it has become “crucial” for them to be able to stay open for longer and more often, said Jose Luis Nueno, a professor of IESE Business School in Barcelona. “More flexibility will give a real boost to retailers, especially those that...
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Putting the fast in fashion

José L. Nueno en su despacho del IESE Business School 05/09/2012

“The economics of global competition are such that consumer choice is diminishing in many sectors, which is not necessarily a bad thing – there’s little evidence of consumer resistance,” says Professor Nueno. “Recognizing this, Zara pinned its future on being able to supply well-targeted, fast-changing garment collections more efficiently that anyone had done...
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Zara: Managing chain of value and driving CSR with consumers

Consumers, in the opinion of Jose Luis Nueno, professor at the Marketing Department of IESE, ask companies to collaborate in the solution of social problems which, they consider, governments can no longer solve and, many of them, do not change their attitude nor their actions in relation to how consumer expect them to.
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Primark: £10? Ooh that’s Expensive!

On August 5th, 2010, Paul Marchant, the CEO of the UK’s wildly popular discount clothier Primark, announced a new store opening on the poor relation end of London’s Oxford Street. The Primark store on the opposite end, up-scale Marble Arch, had opened in 2007 and, despite concerns about its location among higher end retailers,...
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Why talk about logistics?

It’s not the first thing you would expect a speaker to say at a logistics conference: “Why talk about logistics – logistics is the least important part”. However, when the speaker is Professor Jose Luis Nueno and he is quoting the owners of retail chain Zara, then it has to be worth listening. The event was...
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Entrevista a José L. Nueno (“Hipersuper”, Portugal)


A vinda de José Luís Nueno ao Congresso Internacional de Marketing, organizado pela APPM, serviu de pretexto para a entrevista a um dos maiores especialistas em distribuição e retailing "Nalguns mercados, os consumidores têm estado sobre stress há muitos anos. Os salários reais aumentaram a inflação laboral. O sistema de saúde reduziu o apoio....
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Zara Thrives by Breaking All the Rules

A Zara store in Manhattan: Controlling the supply chain is key

Many U.S. apparel retailers are choking on slow-moving inventories as consumers hold back on spending. But Spain's Inditex, whose Zara chain pioneered cheap chic, is zipping ahead. The $13.8 billion company, which is closing in on Gap for the title of world's biggest clothing retailer, has nearly quadrupled sales, profits, and locations since 2000....
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Internet Sites Have a Toehold Over U.S. Shops for Climbers

American rock and ice climbers have grappled with limited equipment selection and relatively high prices for years; many take advantage of trips to Europe to stock up on specialized equipment at lower prices. Until the arrival of Internet shopping, the American and European climbing markets remained largely isolated from each other.
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