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Branch Cuts Make It Pain to Bank in Rural Spain


José Luis Nueno, a professor at IESE Business School in Barcelona, said the financial crisis in Spain created “a trigger to do the restructuring that should have happened years ago.” But banks need to keep trimming, he said. Spain remains, Mr. Nueno said, “overbranched.”
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Fashion: A better business model


According to Prof Nueno, Zara customers typically visit the shop four or five times more often than clients of a more traditional fashion store. “They sell in small batches and they are producing what they already know will sell,” he adds. This means, crucially, that Inditex has much lower inventories than its rivals, and...
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Minés par la crise, les Espagnols limitent leurs emplettes à l’essentiel


Il faut «une restructuration du commerce de détail», renchérit José Luis Nueno, professeur de direction commerciale à l’IESE Business School, qui estime que, «pendant les années de boom, on a ouvert trop de boutiques»: «l’Espagne est le pays avec le plus de magasins en Europe!» Selon lui, le commerce pourrait légèrement repartir en 2014....
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Soul-Searching in Spanish Fashion After Bangladesh Factory Deaths


Maintaining oversight of the entire production chain often means "having to track down the subcontractor of the subcontractor of the subcontractor," said José Luis Nueno, a marketing professor at Spain's IESE Business School. Mr. Nueno gave Inditex high marks, but added that the task can get complicated when a company is producing the volume...
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Mango Mirroring Zara Challenges Europe’s Wealthiest Man: Retail


“We’ll still have to see results,” Nueno said. “Turning around the company in one year is too optimistic.”
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How Zara Grew Into the World’s Largest Fashion Retailer

José Luis Nueno NYT

“The United States is a graveyard of European retailers,” says José Luis Nueno, a professor of marketing at I.E.S.E. Business School in Madrid. “Everyone who has gone there has struggled. Laura Ashley has shut down and even Benetton is declining. The U.S. is really complex because it’s about putting stores in shopping malls in...
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Ortega Tops Buffett With Zara Fortune of $53.6 Billion

José Luis Nueno Businessweek

Ortega keeps inventory low and stock fresh by constantly feeding stores new fashions instead of tying designs solely to seasons. Competitor Hennes & Mauritz AB (HMB) of Sweden, Europe’s No. 2 clothing retailer by revenue, can’t act as quickly because it outsources all of its production, according to a 2003 Harvard Business School study...
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Fashion chain Zara helps Inditex lift first quarter profits by 30%

Amancio Ortega, founder of Inditex

"Ortega has been in the right place several times," says José Luis Nueno of IESE Business School. "When he started out he was competing against small players with poor distribution in a country that was just discovering fashion." "Other companies copy the fast fashion model but only for 10% or 20% of their operation," says...
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Spain Scraps Siesta As Stores Stay Open To Spur Spending: Retail

spain retail

With some stores getting as much as 50 percent of revenue from foreign tourists, it has become “crucial” for them to be able to stay open for longer and more often, said Jose Luis Nueno, a professor of IESE Business School in Barcelona. “More flexibility will give a real boost to retailers, especially those that...
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Vueling: Beyond Low Cost

On January 27, 2012, the Spanish airline Spanair announced that it was ceasing operations. A few days later, Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary opportunistically unveiled the Irish company’s new routes to Spain during a press conference at Bilbao airport. Spanair workers, who organized protests following the airline closure, accused Ryanair of trying to force the...
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