Tech notes

Managing Customer Value

For most companies, their clients are their most valuable asset: it is very expensive to capture them, and, if they are retained, they will generate profits for the rest of their relationship with the firm. In this sense, Client Value is a measure which assesses the sum of future discounted benefits of a client,...
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The Anatomy of Diffusion

This note introduces the theory of innovation diffusion, using the a range of diffusion curves to illustrate the dynamics. The case explains how these forms (and consequently the speed of diffusion) depend on factors related to the products (relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, ease of trying out the product, observability and risk) and on word...
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The Recorded Music Industry

The Recorded Music Industry Music has become one of today’s great global industries, generating world retail sales of US$27 billion to $38 billion during the 1990s, by satisfying the diverse music appetites of people around the globe and popularising new artists and music styles. Recorded music in turn belongs to a group of copyright-based...
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