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Primark: £10? Ooh that’s Expensive!

On August 5th, 2010, Paul Marchant, the CEO of the UK’s wildly popular discount clothier Primark, announced a new store opening on the poor relation end of London’s Oxford Street. The Primark store on the opposite end, up-scale Marble Arch, had opened in 2007 and, despite concerns about its location among higher end retailers,...
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When sales are doing badly here, they do well somewhere else

Portada Paradigmes 4

Introduction Internationalisation of distribution becomes an important matter in times like the present, characterised by a steep downfall of domestic consumption together with fierce competition. Never before was the sentence more true that says: «When sales are doing badly here, they do well somewhere else». Some years ago, it was enough to have testimonial...
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The Fall and Return of Pokémon

The Fall and Return of Pokémon IESE (España) In 2000, the Pokémon franchise saw its glory begin to fade. Gone was the idea that Pokémon would become a classic toy rivalling the likes of Barbie and Donald Duck. Those responsible for the franchise were forced to rethink their strategy to re-enter the child and...
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