The Reclusive Spanish Billionaire Behind Zara’s Fast Fashion Empire


"They look at whatever is new," fashion expert José Luis Nueno says. "They see what the celebrities and so on are wearing, and put it in their windows very fast." Nueno studied the clothing company at Harvard Business School and now teaches at Spain's IESE Business School. He says the key to fast fashion —...
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Putting the fast in fashion

José L. Nueno en su despacho del IESE Business School 05/09/2012

“The economics of global competition are such that consumer choice is diminishing in many sectors, which is not necessarily a bad thing – there’s little evidence of consumer resistance,” says Professor Nueno. “Recognizing this, Zara pinned its future on being able to supply well-targeted, fast-changing garment collections more efficiently that anyone had done...
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Entrevista a José L. Nueno (“Hipersuper”, Portugal)


A vinda de José Luís Nueno ao Congresso Internacional de Marketing, organizado pela APPM, serviu de pretexto para a entrevista a um dos maiores especialistas em distribuição e retailing "Nalguns mercados, os consumidores têm estado sobre stress há muitos anos. Os salários reais aumentaram a inflação laboral. O sistema de saúde reduziu o apoio....
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