Interviews with Alex Cruz

Click on the links below to access three interviews conducted by professor Jose Luis Nueno to Mr. Alex Cruz (CEO of Vueling)

Interview: Alex Cruz: Ready to take-off
Interview: Alex Cruz: Seeing the Big Picture
Interview: Alex Cruz: Handling Disruptive Tech & Smooth Mergers

“People think I’m crazy to work in the airline industry because of the low margins and the high costs, which are outside of management control. But that’s precisely what makes it so fascinating.” says Alex Cruz (CEO of Vueling)

Alex Cruz discusses how IP-based tech is shaking up numerous industries, from airlines to retailers to hotels. And he reveals the keys behind a successful merger. In both cases, spending time understanding what makes people tick is key.
There are a lot of lessons that can be drawn from working in the airline industry and applied to business. And vice versa, pilots can benefit from a grounding in general management topics ranging from economics to social media. No matter your job, understanding the bigger picture of what you do will help you become more effective.

These interviews were published by IESE; IESE Insight, March 2016.

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