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Trends for 2015: What Tomorrow Holds

tendencias iese onsight

How will falling oil prices and U.S. growth impact the global economy? What about 1.5 billion new "lower-middle-class consumers" in emerging markets? Speaking from IESE's campuses in New York, Madrid, Munich and Barcelona, professors José Luis Nueno, Marta Elvira, Markus Maedler and Alfredo Pastor discuss what's in store for the global economy in 2015.
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Agribusiness: Feeding the 4 Billion Global Converging Middle Class of 2015

ceibs nueno

The second keynote speaker was Prof. José Luis Nueno, Professor of Marketing at IESE Business School and a well-known consultant in Europe’s food industry. His topic was “Agribusiness: Feeding the 4 Billion Global Converging Middle Class of 2015”. He touched upon a number of issues which he identified as being relevant to the industry:...
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Teens Today, Young Adults in 2020

Teens Today

The future and sustainability of many companies will depend to a great extent on teenagers¿ behavior and attitudes toward consumption. As such, getting to know this key group now will pay off in the long term when they become young adults. Based on the latest findings of an international study of teenagers across eight...
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