The Makings of a Relevant Brand

A quarter of Interbrand’s top 100 global brands for 2012 were tech-related — a testament to the growing value of the digital revolution. As this ranking indicates, the leading brands of tomorrow will likely emerge from new sectors, rather than tweaks to existing ones, say IESE’s J.L. Nueno and Gloria Andreu. In their paper,...
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Minés par la crise, les Espagnols limitent leurs emplettes à l’essentiel


Il faut «une restructuration du commerce de détail», renchérit José Luis Nueno, professeur de direction commerciale à l’IESE Business School, qui estime que, «pendant les années de boom, on a ouvert trop de boutiques»: «l’Espagne est le pays avec le plus de magasins en Europe!» Selon lui, le commerce pourrait légèrement repartir en 2014....
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Soul-Searching in Spanish Fashion After Bangladesh Factory Deaths


Maintaining oversight of the entire production chain often means "having to track down the subcontractor of the subcontractor of the subcontractor," said José Luis Nueno, a marketing professor at Spain's IESE Business School. Mr. Nueno gave Inditex high marks, but added that the task can get complicated when a company is producing the volume...
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Social commerce strategies


The story Wishbuuk is a Facebook application which was created after Fnac, the French books and music retailer, approached Flash2Flash digital, a marketing agency, for help introducing its brand into social networks. While marketing agencies such as Flash2Flash have helped brands create Facebook fan pages to attract followers, converting these followers into customers has...
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Making it through the crisis

El País Eng

(Español) The trend is now spreading to the social networks. A recent survey by marketing firm Social Bakers shows that the main reason consumers give for following brands via social networks, is to take advantage of promotions. "Around 20 percent of Privalia's sales are via Facebook," says José Luis Nueno, a lecturer at the...
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Multichannel Sales, the Future of Retailing


Recessionary woes, coupled with the rise of e-commerce, have seen the demise of many traditional businesses, as the growing number of vacant, shuttered shops on the streets of many European cities attests. In Spain, retail sales have dropped by 22 percent over the past four years. Conversely, during the first half of 2012, e-commerce...
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The Decline of Shopping Streets and the Birth of the Multichannel Model Once the economy starts to recover and consumers start shopping again, their consumer habits and patterns will be as different as the retail industry itself. Retail will have experienced changes in terms of technology and value propositions and will continue to be...
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Mango Mirroring Zara Challenges Europe’s Wealthiest Man: Retail


“We’ll still have to see results,” Nueno said. “Turning around the company in one year is too optimistic.”
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The Reclusive Spanish Billionaire Behind Zara’s Fast Fashion Empire


"They look at whatever is new," fashion expert José Luis Nueno says. "They see what the celebrities and so on are wearing, and put it in their windows very fast." Nueno studied the clothing company at Harvard Business School and now teaches at Spain's IESE Business School. He says the key to fast fashion —...
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How Zara Grew Into the World’s Largest Fashion Retailer

José Luis Nueno NYT

“The United States is a graveyard of European retailers,” says José Luis Nueno, a professor of marketing at I.E.S.E. Business School in Madrid. “Everyone who has gone there has struggled. Laura Ashley has shut down and even Benetton is declining. The U.S. is really complex because it’s about putting stores in shopping malls in...
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